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Go Ara romances Kim Myung-min?

Date: 2011.03.30

Go Ara romances Kim Myung-min

Go Ara has been cast as the female lead in a movie, which I was generally pleased to hear…until I saw who her co-stars are: Kim Myung-min and Ahn Sung-ki. Eeeeee. Oh man, is she gonna be crushed.

It's not that she's a bad actress (although, erm, she kind of is — she's gorgeous and she can cry on cue, but she has no connection with the camera and therefore feels very flat), but that those two men are just about the two best actors in Korea today. (Or, at least, two of the best in a very select group of A-listers.) Ara's a lightweight on her own terms, but against those two, she'll all but flutter away.

The movie is titled Pacemaker and helmed by a director with no prior credits, Kim Dal-joong. It tells the story of a runner in his first and last time running a marathon. Ara plays a pole vaulter whose friendship with another athlete (Kim Myung-min) develops into a romance.

Criiiiiiinge. Anyone else shuddering at the idea? To reiterate, it's not a slam on Ara herself (heck, I actually like her despite her wooden acting), but rather a case of bizarro casting. I mean, could you picture Vanessa Hudgens romancing Colin Firth? It's weird, right?

Ara has acted in two films abroad (the Japanese-Mongolia collaboration The Blue Wolf and an Asian joint production Subaru), but this is her debut film role at home. Her last drama was the much-maligned Heading To the Ground, while Kim Myung-min's last film was the mystery-comedy period movie Joseon's Great Detective, his last drama Beethoven Virus, for which he won a Daesang (and started a nationwide sensation as Kang-mae, the brilliant but incredibly rude conductor with the rapid-fire insults). The film is produced by Dream Capture.

....maybe it'll work???

Go Ara romances Kim Myung-min

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