List of Pusan Film Critics Awards

The Pusan Film Critics Awards have been presented in South Korea since the founding of the prize by the Korea Pusan Film Critics Association. The winners of the awards are announced yearly just prior to the Pusan International Film Festival.

This young awards ceremony is run by a small but independent-minded group of critics based in Busan. Each year they announce their choices shortly before the opening of the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), and a ceremony is then held at the festival to present the prizes. Their choices are not swayed by popular opinion, but represent a thoughtful and serious attempt to judge the greatest achievements of each year. In a show of support to Korea's most interesting awards ceremony, the past recipients of the Pusan Film Critics Awards are listed below in their entirety.

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2006

Best Picture 2006 Family Ties
Best Director: KIM Tae-Yong (Family Ties)
Best Actress: EOM Jeong-Hwa (Princess Aurora)
Best Actor: HWANG Jeong-min(Bloody Tie)
Best Cinematography: KIM Yeong-Cheol (The City of Violence)
Best Screenplay: SON Jae-gon (My Scary Girl)
Best Supporting Actor: KIM Tae-Wu (The Woman on The Beach)
Best Supporting Actress: CHU Ja-Hyeon (Bloody Tie)
Best New Director: LEE Hae-Jun (Like a Virgin)
Best New Actress: GO Hyun-Jung (The Woman on The Beach)
Best New Actor: RYU Deok-Hwan (Like a Virgin)
Jury Prize: The Host

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2005

Best Picture 2005 Rules of Dating (dir. Han Jae-rim)
Best Director: Ryoo Seung-wan (Crying Fist)
Best Actress: Kang Hye-jung (Rules of Dating)
Best Actor: Cho Seung-woo (Marathon)
Best Cinematography: Kim Ji-yong (A Bittersweet Life)
Best Screenplay: Goh Yoon-hee (Rules of Dating)
Best Supporting Actor: Oh Dal-soo (Mapado)
Best Supporting Actress: Na Moon-hee (You Are My Sunshine)
Best New Director: Han Jae-rim (Rules of Dating)
Best New Actress: Kim Ji-soo (This Charming Girl)
Best New Actor: Cheon Jeong-myung, Kim Kang-woo (The Aggressives)
Jury Prize: My Generation (dir. Noh Dong-seok)
Lee Pil-woo Award: Lee Hye-yun, costume designer of Ae-ran (1987), etc.

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2004

Best Picture 2004 Old Boy (dir. Park Chan-wook)
Best Director: Park Chan-wook (Old Boy)
Best Actress: Kang Hye-jung (Old Boy)
Best Actor: Jeong Jae-young (Someone Special)
Best Cinematography: Jeong Jeong-hoon (Old Boy)
Best Screenplay: Jang Jin (Someone Special)
Best Supporting Actor: Baek Yoon-shik (The Big Swindle)
Best Supporting Actress: Goh Doo-shim (My Mother, the Mermaid)
Best New Director: Choi Dong-hoon (The Big Swindle)
Best New Actress: Kwak Ji-min (Samaritan Girl)
Best New Actor: Kang Dong-won (Romance of Their Own)
Jury Prize: Repatriation (dir. Kim Dong-won)
Lee Pil-woo Award: Lee Kyung-soon, sound designer of Obaltan (1961), My Houseguest and My Mother (1961), Chunhyang-jeon (1955), etc.

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2003

Best Picture 2003 Save The Green Planet (dir. Jang Jun-hwan)
Best Director: Bong Joon-ho (Memories of Murder)
Best Actress: Moon So-ri (A Good Lawyer's Wife)
Best Actor: Shin Ha-kyun (Save The Green Planet)
Best Cinematography: Lee Mo-gae (A Tale Of Two Sisters)
Best Screenplay: Bong Joon-ho & Shim Seong-bo (Memories of Murder)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Gap-soo (Mutt Boy)
Best Supporting Actress: Yoon Yeo-jung (A Good Lawyer's Wife)
Best New Director: Jang Jun-hwan (Save The Green Planet)
Best New Actress: Im Su-jeong (A Tale Of Two Sisters)
Best New Actor: Park Hae-il (Jealousy Is My Middle Name)
Jury Prize: A Tale Of Two Sisters (dir. Kim Jee-woon)
Award for Artistic Contribution: Yu Hyun-mok
Lee Pil-woo Award: Lee Sung-choon, cinematographer of Five Marines (1961),Rain Shower (1978), Mulleya Mulleya (1983), etc.

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2002

Best Picture 2002: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (dir. Park Chan-wook)
Best Director: Park Chan-wook (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance)
Best Actress: Bae Doona (Take Care of My Cat)
Best Actor: Sol Kyung-gu (Oasis)
Best Cinematography: Jung Il-sung (Chihwaseon)
Best Screenplay: Lee Chang-dong (Oasis)
Best Supporting Actor: Gong Hyung-jin (A Perfect Match)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Yeo-jin (Chihwaseon)
Best New Director: Kim In-sik (Roadmovie)
Best New Actress: Kim Hye-na (Flower Island)
Best New Actor: Hwang Jeong-min (Roadmovie)
Jury Prize: Lee Jeong-hyang, The Way Home
Lee Pil-woo Award: Kim Hyun, film editor of Whale Hunting (1984), Chilsu and Mansu (1988), Road to the Racetrack (1991), Oasis (2002)

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2001

Best Picture 2001: One Fine Spring Day (dir. Hur Jin-ho)
Best Director: Hur Jin-ho (One Fine Spring Day)
Best Actress: Lee Young-ae (One Fine Spring Day)
Best Actor: Choi Min-shik (Failan)
Best Cinematography: Kim Hyung-gu (Musa)
Best Screenplay: Song Min-ho (Ray Bang)
Best Supporting Actor: Jo Jae-hyun (Address Unknown)
Best Supporting Actress: Oh Ji-hye (Waikiki Brothers)
Best New Director: Yoon Jong-chan (Sorum)
Best New Actress: Jang Jin-young (Sorum)
Best New Actor: Kim Myung-min (Sorum)
Lee Pil-woo Award: Kim Dong-ho, lighting director of The Lovers of Woomook-Baemi (1990), Christmas in August (1998), Chihwaseon (2002), etc.

Pusan Film Critics Awards 2000

Best Picture 2000: Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors (dir. Hong Sang-soo)
Best Director: Bae Chang-ho (My Heart)
Best Actress: Jeon Do-yeon (Happy End)
Best Actor: Lee Byung-heon/Song Kang-ho (JSA)
Best Cinematography: ()
Best Screenplay: Hong Sang-soo (Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors)
Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Oh-sung (Attack the Gas Station)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Ho-jung (Barking Dogs Never Bite)
Best New Director: Byun Hyuk (Interview)
Best New Actress: Ha Ji-won (Truth or Dare)
Best New Actor: Yu Ji-tae (Ditto)
Jury Prize: Ryu Seung-wan, Die Bad
Lee Pil-woo Award: Jung Il-sung, cinematographer of Insect Woman (1972), Mandala (1981), Soponje (1993), etc.

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