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4minute releases 3rd Japanese single "First"

Date: 2010.10.27

4minute releases 3rd Japanese single First
Images from the jacket of 4minute's 3rd single album "First" [Cube Entertainment]

Five-member girl group 4minute released a new single album in Japan today, according to their agency Cube Entertainment on Wednesday.

Cube announced through a press release that the record titled "First," the girls' third Japanese single, went on sale in Japan starting today.

Cube also explained that "First" is an original song, unlike their two previous singles "Musik" and "I My Me Mine," which were either their hit songs in Korea translated into Japanese or released simultaneously in Korea.

4minute made their first appearance on stage in June 2009 with song "Hot Issue" and soon gained popularity through succeeding hit songs like “Muzik” and "What a Girl Wants."

The group then debuted in Japan in May, becoming the first among other Korean girl groups such as KARA and Girls' Generation to make official appearance in the country this year.

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