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Actors Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Jun Sang in new weekend drama

Date: Jan 04 2012

Actors Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Jun Sang in new weekend drama

Pretty woman -literally- Kim Nam Joo who is 40 returns to KBS weekend drama titled "You, My Luck".

Accompanying Kim Nam Joo as the leading man is 43-year-old korean actorYoo Jun Sang who makes TV return after 2007 Catch the Kangnam Mother.

This drama is penned by writer Park Ji Eun who wrote Queen of Housewives and Queen of Reversals , which both drama also lead-starred by Kim Nam Joo.

Just like the two previous dramas, this new weekend drama still centers in the marriage life.

Kim Nam Joo plays Hong Yun Hee, an ambitious career woman who meets and falls in love with a perfect doctor , Bang Gwi Nam (played by Yoo Jun Sang), and then the two marry.

Bang Gwi Nam is an orphan who then adopted. He's a great general surgeon who graduated from prestigious John Hopkins Medical University. He has good looks, romantic and humorous personality. He looks perfect at first sight but sometimes he shows small slips here and there but that's also his attractiveness.

After the couple marry, the real marriage life shocks Hong Yun Hee, moreover her interaction with her odd in-laws.

Although it seems like a melodrama story but the writer promises a light and fun drama which will bring lots of laugh.

After the cliche triangle love story in Queen of Reversals, we think the writer smartly picks relationship between a married woman and her in-laws as the competent and believable source of conflicts, unlike the recent Choi Ji Woo's Can't Lose which failed to present juicy and reasonable marriage conflicts.

This new weekend drama premieres next February.

Source: Stoo

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