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Actress Han Ga In in new drama 'Sun and Moon'

Date: 2011/11/03

Actress Han Ga In in new drama 'Sun and Moon'

It's been close to two years after Han Ga In latest drama "Bad Man" was aired and it's a good news if she receives the offer to play lead role in upcoming MBC drama titled "Sun and Moon" (or literally translate as Moon that contain Sun).

Sun and Moon will be a fusion saeguk describes the romance between an imaginary king and a maid and expected to air next year.

29-year-old Han Ga In expressed her interest for this drama, said," the story of 'Sun and Moon' matches well for me. I consider it positively but the casting is not fixed yet" .

Sun and Moon comes from a novel by writer Jung Eun Kwol who wrote Sungkyunkwan Scandal, so it's fair if we expect a breathtaking storyline, right?? Meanwhile PD Kim Do Hoon (Spotlight, Royal Family) is plotted to direct this drama.

Source: Newsen

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