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Bobby Kim holds concert in Japan

Date: 2010.11.23

Bobby Kim holds concert in Japan
Korean R&B singer Bobby Kim [Oscar Entertainment]

Korean R&B singer Bobby Kim held a concert in Japan last week to promote the release of his first album in the country.

His agency Oscar Entertainment said through a press release on Monday that some 2,000 fans gathered to watch the 37-year-old artist perform at the Akasaka Blitz Hall in Tokyo on November 19.

At the show, Kim performed several of his hit songs such as "Falling In Love Again" and his theme songs for Korean dramas, while ZEEBRA, the "living legend of Japanese hip-hop," made a surprise appearance on the stage to sing with Kim.

Oscar also added that noted Japanese musicians including Kawamura Ryuichi, Crystal Kay, DJ HASEBE and Studio Apartment sent congratulatory wreaths for the concert.

Kim released his first album in Japan on November 17, produced in two discs, which includes ten tracks as well as a music video.

"I wish to root myself into the Japanese music market and would like to enhance the quality of K-pop through steady achievements rather than enjoy brief popularity," Kim was quoted as saying in the statement.

Kim, whose real name is Kim Do-kyun, debuted in 1999 as the rapper for hip-hop group Buga Kingz before launching a solo career.

The singer is currently preparing for his next live concert in Korea titled "The Vocalist," a year-end concert which he stars with other top Korean musicians Whee Sung and Gummy.

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