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"Color of Woman" - Jae Hee vs Yoon So Yi

Date: 2011/11/25

'Color of Woman' - Jae Hee vs Yoon So Yi

Jae Hee already recovered from his injury during a surfing which forced him to withdraw from Hooray For Love couple months ago.

And now he confirmed to take the main role in upcoming Channel A drama titled "Color of Woman".

"Color of Woman", a comedy/melodrama is about a rivalry between 2 women in a cosmetic industry, who are each different in personality. The first one, named Byun So Ra came from a humble family. She desperately wants to be successful and achieves it through a series of knowledge and hard work.

Meanwhile her rival, having a opposite personality, described as a beautiful woman who believes on her good looking appearance as the tool to achieve success.

The leading man, named Yoon Jun Su (played by Jae Hee), comes between those women.

Yoon Jun Su will be a 'normal' leading man character in Korean drama with description : a chaebol, handsome, came from high class family background and has tons of money and skills. As a loyal man who honors his words, then he is a complete perfect man but unfortunately he has a deep scar inside his heart.

The leading lady role , Byun So Ra, actually given to Eugene (Baker King) but she withdrew because suddenly her sister had an accident and in very serious condition.

The role then grabbed by 26-year-old Yoon So Yi who just finished Musa Baek Dong Soo.

Goongs' director , PD Kim Soo Young will direct Color of Woman and this drama is scheduled to premiere next December.

Source: Newsen

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