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F.CUZ tops charts in Taiwan with "JIGGY" and "NO ONE"

Date: 2010.05.14

F.CUZ tops charts in Taiwan with JIGG and NO ONE
Boy band F.cuz [Can&J's Entertainment]

Korean idols F.CUZ have taken over several music sites in Taiwan with their albums "JIGGY" and "NO ONE," according to their agency Can&J's Entertainment on Friday.

The group, who released the Chinese version of their Korea debut single "JIGGY" on May 7, scored the No. 1 spot on major Taiwanese music site KKBOX's KPOP/JPOP chart on Wednesday.

They had already sold off the license for their Korean debut album in Hong Kong and Taiwan in March after signing with top Taiwanese record company Seed Music, known for managing the careers of some of China's most famed stars including Kenji Yu and Yao Yao.

Yao Yao, currently one of the hottest new singers in Taiwan, starred in the music video for F.CUZ's "JIGGY" recorded in Chinese.

The group had also topped the daily chart of popular Taiwanese music site ezPeer with their album "NO ONE" under the KPOP/JPOP category last week.

F.CUZ is composed of Kan, Yejun, Jinon and LeeU, who made their debut in early January.

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