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Former Wonder Girls' Mimi qualifies for college entrance

Date: 2010.05.14

Former Wonder Girls' Mimi qualifies for college entrance
Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Former Wonder Girls member Mimi, who quit the group to pursue college studies, has passed Korea's college entrance qualification exam.

According to the regional Office of Education for Gyeongsang province, Mimi's name was included in the list of students who passed the national qualification exam which would make them eligible to apply for universities.

Mimi, whose real name is Lee Sunmi, was one of the five members of Korea's top female pop group Wonder Girls.

She had shocked fans in February when she announced that she would be leaving the group to attend school and go back to living a normal life.

During the time she was working in the band, she was known to expressed her doubts, on several occasions, about living her life as a celebrity.

The 18-year-old singer, who had quit high school last year to expand her singing career to the U.S., fulfilled her responsibility as a member of the group until the end of February.

She returned to Korea the following month to prepare for the college entrance qualification exam and took the test in Pohang on April 11.

Her place in the group has been filled by new member Lim, a JYPE trainee who has been preparing for debut for three years and reportedly speaks four languages including English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Wonder Girls are set to release their new album "2 Different Tears" on Sunday.

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