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Jang Woo-hyuk to hold 3D concert in China

Date: 2010.04.22

Jang Woo-hyuk to hold 3D concert in China

Former Korean boy band member Jang Woo-hyuk will be holding a solo China concert in 3-D on May 8, according to his agency in China Huayi Brothers on Thursday.

According to a press release from Huayi Brothers, "Jang's solo concert titled 'The Sun Does Not Set' will be viewed in 3-D. We are using state-of-the-art 3-D technology that will surpass the reality and imagination of the audience."

The agency also revealed a 3-D poster for the upcoming show which featured the singer in five different poses.

Jang's solo concert will be held early next month at the Chinese Wukesong Basketball Gymnasium.

Jang made his debut in 1996 as a member of the now-disbanded idol group H.O.T who was one of the most popular bands during the time.

He began his solo career in 2005 and has visited China several times to expand his activities in the country after completing his mandatory two-year military service late last year.

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