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Jo Yoon Hee declines "Full House 2" for leading lady role in movie "Taigong"

Date: 2011/11/01

Jo Yoon Hee declines Full House 2 for leading lady role in movie Taigong

That's an awesome choice ,Jo Yoon Hee !

The 29-years-old actress cleverly ducks back-to-back desperate cliche second leading lady roles in "Lie To Me" and upcoming "Full House 2".

Two second-lead roles in a row with stereotype characters (former lover/fiancee who wants back her love) won't give much advantages for a career path. Just look at Seo Hye Rim who plays 3 in a row second leading lady roles without much different character (in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, "Scent of A Woman" and latest "Me Too, Flower".

In Taigong, Jo Yoon Hee will act alongside Im Chang Jeong , Choi Daniel and Oh Dal Soo.

"Taigong" is a thriller movie tells about Chinese traders. Jo Yoon Hee who plays girly charcaters in her latest dramas (Golden Fish and Lie To Me) will play a worker in Incheon Port Passanger Terminal Facility who hardly wears make-up. She becomes strong as her father came with disease and she will meet many hardships. She's also projected to cut her long hair for this movie.

That's surely a bold character to play for a mellow face Jo Yoon Hee.

Source: Sports Seoul

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