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Kate Bosworth says filming with Jang Dong-gun new but not different

Date: 2010.11.23

Kate Bosworth says filming with Jang Dong-gun new but not different
Hollywood actress Kate Bosworth speaks to reporters at a press screening for film "The Warrior's Way" held at the COEX Megabox theater in Seoul, South Korea on November 22, 2010. [Han Youn-jong/Asia Economic Daily]

Hollywood actress Kate Bosworth has said working on film "The Warrior's Way," helmed by a Korean director and starring a Korean actor, was a new experience but not a different one.

Bosworth made the remark during a press screening for the film in Seoul on Monday while speaking to reporters about the pic directed by Sngmoo Lee and featuring Jang Dong-gun as the main character.

"Hollywood is like a group of abandoned gypsies -- it's a hodge-podge melting pot of people so I feel like I’ve come across different culture and societies in different films I’ve done," the actress started by saying.

She then explained, "I felt we were starting from the positive launching pad of wanting to make a beautiful unique movie so I didn’t really feel a difference from working on other Hollywood movies."

Bosworth rather said the movie itself was "like untreaded water" with it being "a cross-cultural cross-genre visual extravaganza of a fable."

"I felt that the script was unique, it was really something that hasn't been seen before....... So I went into this film open-minded, not knowing what to expect," she explained.

In "The Warrior's Way," director Lee incorporates fantasy and comic book-like elements into the story about an Asian swordsman named Yang, played by Jang, who flees to a forgotten American town in the West to escape his bloody past but gets caught up in a battle with a local group of bandits and then the warrior clan that trained him.

Bosworth plays Lynne, a dirt-covered knife thrower who will not hesitate to lunge herself at every chance she has to take down the leader of the bandit who killed her family but the actress said she "very much embraced" the "rough, tumbly, spunky and firey" character.

"I grew up more of a tomboy and I was an equestrian when I was six so in terms of the action sequences, I don’t shy away from physicality," she remarked with a smile.

"The Warrior's Way," produced by Barrie Osborne of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Matrix" series and also starring Hollywood actors Geoffrey Rush and Danny Houston, is set for simultaneous release in Korea and the U.S. on December 2.

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