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Korean actor Ji Hoo stars in Korean Peninsula

Date: Jan 04 2012

Korean actor Ji Hoo stars in Korean Peninsula

25-year-old new korean actor Ji Hoo will work for the 2nd time with PD Lee Hyung Min who hired him in 2010 drama "Bad Man".

This second acting gig for experienced model Ji Hoo is a special blockbuster drama titled "Korean Peninsula" which is scheduled as the opening celebration program for new channel TV Chosun.

Ji Hoo will play the role of Kang Dong Won, a highly trained national special agent who guards scientist turns Korean leader Seo Myung Jun (played by Hwang Jung Min).

Kang Dong Won's character is described as an expressionless face and a person who values principle. Although he looks cold , he's a warm young man inside. He'll always save Seo Myung Jin and his lady Lim In Jae (played by Kim Jung Eun).

Looks like famous PD Lee Hyung Min (who made Autumn Tale, Winter Sonata, Sangdoo) adores Ji Hoo as he said : "When I met Ji Hoo for the first time, he has unique eyes. In his handsome face, there's manly strength and appeals which I thought will be loved by audience. Each time I met him in shooting set, he showed acting progress day by day. Kang Dong Won's character is very similar with real Ji Hoo's personality."

With that kind of praises, it's interesting to see whether Ji Hoo will be another PD Lee Hyung Min's success actor after this famous PD successfully brought lesser known actors into fame such as So Ji Sub in I'm Sorry I Love You , Hyun Bin in Snow Queen and Kim Nam Gil in Bad Man (although we think Kim Nam Gil was already a famous name after Queen Seon Duk).

It's always a great pleasure to discover a new artist emerged with talent and persona through a drama and we'll see if PD Lee Hyung Min's words about his new actor Ji Hoo comes into reality when Korean Peninsula airs next February.

Source: Asiae

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