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Super Junior Shindong proposes to girlfriend thru new album

Date: 2010.05.14

Super Junior Shindong proposes to girlfriend thru new album

Shindong, a member of one of Asia's hottest Korean boy bands Super Junior, has proposed to his girlfriend through the group's newest album released yesterday.

In the 'Thanks to' section of Super Junior's fourth full-length album "BONAMANA" which went on sale on Thursday, Shindong had written a secret code-like message saying:


Super Junior fans and netizens alike rushed to crack the code, discovering that A stands for the first line of letters on the computer keyboard, hence, B representing the second line and C the third line.

The numbers indicated how many letters to move inward from the left side of the keyboard. For example, B2B8 would point to the letters 's' and 'k' on the English keyboard.

The fully deciphered message, meant for application on the Korean keyboard, read, "Nari, let's get married, I'm proposing to you, I'll love you, forever"

"It's true that it's a message where Shindong is confessing his love to his lover," admitted an official at Super Junior's agency SM Entertainment admitted.

Shindong, 24, is a vocal of the 13-man band who debuted in 2005. Recognized as one of the more comical and goofy members of the group, he has branched out to other spheres of the entertainment business including making variety show appearances and hosting his own radio show.

"BONANAMA" is the latest album Super Junior has put out and they are scheduled to give their comeback performance on KBS music show "Music Bank" on May 14.

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