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Super Junior's Heechul featured in Defconn's new single

Date: 2010.11.25

Super Junior's Heechul featured in Defconn's new single
Album cover for Defconn's new single "King Wang Zzang" [D.I. Entertainment]

Korean boy band Super Junior member Heechul has been featured in rapper Defconn's new single.

A press release from Defconn's agency D.I Entertainment announced on Thursday that Heechul took part in writing the lyrics for the rap of song "King Wang Zzang" as well as featuring in the song.

Born Yoo Dae-joon, rapper Defconn made his debut with his first album "Kapital G" in 1999 and established his own label record D.I. Entertainment.

Heechul first started out in the entertainment business with a role in KBS' teenage drama "Sharp 2" and began his singing career as one of the members of popular boy band Super Junior.

The release date for "King Wang Zzang," a fast-tempo song incorporating popular crunk sound, has yet to be announced.

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