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Wonder Girls says "Mimi's happiness is important"

Date: 2010.05.26

Wonder Girls says Mimi's happiness is important
Korean pop group Wonder Girls [JYP Entertainment]

Korean pop sensation Wonder Girls, who are currently promoting their latest album "2 Different Tears" with new member Lim, have said that former bandmate "Mimi's happiness is important" as much as the group's success.

The girls made the remark while appearing on KBS talk show "Win Win" aired Tuesday, when asked how they felt about Mimi leaving the group last February to attend college and go back to living a normal life.

The members explained that Mimi had often mentioned in the U.S., where they were working particularly hard to promote themselves last year, that she was a having hard time and seriously considered quitting her music career.

"Every time she said that, we would jokingly say 'Okay, don't do this, quit.'" said the girls on the show. "If we had known that she was serious, we would have been more supportive of her. We feel bad that we weren't."

"It was a really painful and difficult time," said a teary Yenny. "We tried hard [to get Mimi to stay] and even tried to ignore her decision to quit the group. But it didn't work."

"The happiness of the Wonder Girls is important, but I felt that Mimi's happiness is important as well," added the group's leader Sun. "It was a decision we made after a long discussion with Mimi."

The girls also said that they congratulated their former bandmate after she passed her college entrance qualification exam earlier this month and thanked her for monitoring the group's comeback performance and sending a text message in support.

On a different note, Wonder Girls' youngest member Sohee revealed on the show how she felt about Sulli, the youngest in another popular girl band f(x).

"These days, I find people who are younger than me so adorable," the 17-year-old star was quoted as saying. "I used to be the youngest person working but now it feels like I have younger siblings -- it's wonderful."

Wonder Girls recently made a splashing comeback with "2 Different Tears," their first full-length album since "The Wonder Years" in 2007.

With new member Lim replacing Mimi, the girls arrived in Korea last week and has been making appearances on various TV shows to promote the record.

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