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Yoo Ah In - interview

Date: 2011/11/08

Yoo Ah In - interview

In the recent interview with SBS entertainment night news, Yoo Ah In opened his bag for the camera and the host found that this Sungkyunkwan Scandal's star always brings 3 mobile phones along with him. Yoo Ah In explained that if the other two were off (because of battery shortage ) he still has 1 phone alive so people can contact him. Yeah, you can see that he is an accessible man, right !

25-year-old Yoo Ah In also shared a bit about his relationship style. He told the host that his former girlfriend said that Yoo Ah In's main appeal was they could not read what's in Yoo Ah In's mind. Ahhh, unpredictable and quite the mysterious guy , eh ?

But Yoo Ah In also said that when he falls in love he will devote his entire life and heart till he died. Oh, now he's romantic man !

Talk about Yoo Ah In's project, his latest movie, Wandeugi which just opened couple weeks ago was a success hit, brought almost 2 million viewers to cinemas. Congrats, Ah In !

Source: Asiae

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