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ZE:A to embark on Asia tour this week

Date: 2010.05.31

ZE A to embark on Asia tour this week
Korean idol group ZE:A [Star Empire Entertainment]

Korean idol group ZE:A will be kicking off their five-country Asia tour this week, according to their agency Star Empire Entertainment.

The nine-member boy band, who debuted in January 2010, will be starting the tour in Yokohama, Japan on June 2 and carry the tour into Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the following months.

It is considered unlikely for such a newcomer group to go on an Asian tour since groups usually wait about a year before touring for concerts.

"We are pleased yet surprised to receive passionate response from fans overseas," an official at Star Empire was quoted as saying. "We are very grateful for the enormous attention and affection."

ZE:A, short for Children of the Empire in Korean, is composed of members Kevin, Kwanghee Hwang, Siwan, Junyoung Moon, Taehun Kim, Heechul Jung, Minwoo Ha, Hyungshik Park and Dongjun Kim.

They made their debut last January with the mini-album "Nativity," whose title track was "Mazeltov," and followed it up with "Leap for Detonation" which was released in April.

The boys are currently rehearsing for their Japan concert to be held Wednesday and are said to be preparing a "surprise event" for Korean fans as well.

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